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All About Athina

She was born and raised in Skala, Lakonia, Greece, where she lived until the age of 18. Then, she decided to move to Athens in order to study at the Economics Department of the Agricultural University of Athens. Soon after being admitted there, she realized that she wanted to be able to express herself through her profession, so she decided to sit the entry exams for a drama school concurrently with her studies.

A year later, she began studying at ‘Central Stage,’ the Drama School of prominent Greek actress Mimi Denisi. While in her third year there, she began working professionally as an actress, both on stage and on TV.

The small roles that she initially gets quickly become leading ones, turning her into one of the most successful and popular actresses of her generation. As a protagonist, her appeal to the audiences is massive. People’s love for her increases steadily, as demonstrated by the fact that within just five years of active social media presence she manages to become the number 1 influencer of her country. More than eight hundred thousand active users are inspired by her lifestyle on a daily basis. Her love for fashion and travel broadens her horizons, creating a need for her to express herself artistically through an alternative route.

At the age of 28, she decides to create her own brand. That’s how Allover was born; as one more expression of her need for creativity. Even though initially she designed her own jewellery for her personal appearances, she eventually decided to create her own jewellery series and offer it to the public!



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