All About Us

Allover® is a unique line of exclusive, hand-crafted jewelry that skillfully combines eclectic elements and styles from all over the world. It is the labor of love of Athina Oikonomakou - an actress whose passion and creative concerns pushed her to seek artistic expression beyond the confines of acting.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – but it’s what you do with it that truly matters. The flame was lit in her by her journeys in places around the globe and the vivid exposure to dierent cultures, artistic movements and languages of visual expression.

An idea was born - The idea was to select the most inspiring, different, visually appealing and qualitative elements regardless of origin and combine them with a uniquely personal and very Greek creative outlook. On the top of this, Greece itself and her timeless visual codes came to add extra, rich layers of expressive ideas. This is how Allover® came to life, and this is how the Allover® spirit reflects on all of our creations. Contemporary yet classic, elegant yet every day, dynamic yet not loud, Allover® jewelry constitute a celebration of world art through a very Greek creative eye.

Our logo was inspired by the initials of the founder (A-O). Through abstraction, it suggests the timetranscending codes of expressive arts – while giving a gentle node to classic Greek shapes, directly recognizable all over the world.



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