All About Us

The Team

Let’s not fool ourselves! We all know “team power” when it is united! So, united and undefeated, is exactly how #AlloverTeam works! Let us introduce them to you:

Αθηνά Οικονομάκου
Athina Oikonomakou – Founder – CEO – Designer

Why even introduce her? She is the leader of the team, you know her and you love her for all you see. For everything that you don’t see, is why her team loves her!

Κωνσταντίνα Βασιλείου
Constantina Vassiliou – General Manager

She is dynamic, honest and has a very bad relationship with stress. On the contrary, she is very humorous and has a unique way to bring out laughter at the Allover office every single day!

Μαργαρίτα Πετροπούλου
Margarita Petropoulou – E-commerce Manager

Modest and the silent force of the office is how we would describe her. Well, until you hurt her or dare to take some post-it notes from her desk! She changes dramatically within seconds!

Ελτίνα Ρεμεντζούλου
Eltina Rementzoulou– Product Manager

She is very neat and responsible and has a solution for any problem that arises. However, the team is still trying to find out, which series this character escaped from!

Μανώλια Γούργουρα
Manolia Gourgoura – Production Assistant – Designer

Joy, creativity and carefreeness are the words that come to your mind once you meet her! Thankfully, the team has to “deal with” these traits on a daily basis!

Νάνσυ Τρίμπου
Nancy Tribou– Production Assistant

Quiet, apparently shy, and efficient. Her moto? “I don’t want you to ask me, I want you to tell me!”. You can now come to your conclusion!

The Showroom

Our need for in-person contact soon led us to create a meeting place! Apart from you can find and purchase our collections at our showroom, which changes every time we launch a new collection. We are located in the heart of Athens, on 39-41 Lycabettus Str. and we are looking forward to meeting you all!

The experience

We never lay back! We face the process of each order as a unique experience. We are always looking for new ways to become better, from the moment we receive an order until it gets to you! We take care of our products, the packaging as well as the delivery methods and even if an accident happens at any stage of the order, we directly replace the product! Our philosophy is to constantly get better and our goal is to offer you a complete shopping experience!



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