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Though only 30 years old, Athina Oikonomakou has been very successful.

She was born and raised in Skala, Lakonia, Greece, where she lived until the age of 18. Then, she decided to move to Athens in order to study at the Economics Department of the Agricultural University of Athens. Soon after being admitted there, she realized that she wanted to be able to express herself through her profession, so she decided to sit the entry exams for a drama school concurrently with her studies.

A year later, she began studying at ‘Central Stage,’ the Drama School of prominent Greek actress Mimi Denisi. While in her third year there, she began working professionally as an actress, both on stage and on TV.

The rest is well-known. After having been given a number of small – initially – and later leading roles, she is now considered one of Greece’s most successful young actresses. After a ten-year course in the field of acting, she decided to express her creativity in yet another way.

And that’s how Allover was born; as another expression of her need for creation. In the beginning, she designed her own jewelry for her personal appearances, but then she decided to set up her own line of jewelry and present it to the public!

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